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We're assuming that you came here inspired by the text about us in Dagens Industri on January 23, 2024. We created this page as a special welcome, just for you! You'll find links here to help you get to know us better. Ultimately, we hope you'll reach out for a chat. The coffee, virtual or actual, is on us!

Plant and computer

Want to develop your most business-critical software?

The software that enables your core domain is worth making outstanding, and that is what we do. Outstanding software maximizes effect and achieves the biggest impact with the least effort and the least amount of code. We write code that performs well and solves the problem but also is flexible enough to scale and adapt over time.

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Want to improve your software organization?

Developing impactful software is not just about knowing what line of code comes next. Teams, management, and stakeholders must collaborate and organize to deliver value to the business and the product's users. We help software teams and organizations better understand business needs and deliver the software that meets them. At the base of our methodology are our three cornerstones: Theory of ConstraintsDomain-Driven Design (DDD) and Extreme Programming (XP) (which includes Test-Driven Development (TDD)).

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The factor10 team having a meal

Thinking about joining factor10?

We’re super proud of our team. We do great things, make the world a better place, and have fun doing it. We are always looking for the next consultant to join factor10. Could that be you?

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myConf – where ideas about maximizing value come together

Oh, we almost forgot. We host a conference, as well! myConf is a lunch-to-lunch single-track conference with three sit-down meals and eight world-class speakers in beautiful Malmö, Sweden.

24 hours of inspiration, learning, and thought-provoking discussions about software and business development that make a difference.

May 20-21, 2024 in Malmö, Sweden

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You may wonder why not every one of us is wearing a life jacket in the photo at the top of the page. We should have, of course, even if the boat was moored. But why not try and make a point of it?

If you want to move fast, just as when following the principle "release early, release often" in software development, you need to take safety precautions so you won't flip the boat and drown. That's one of the effects of TDD (Test-Driven Development) – it's a life jacket for software development. Not moving (or moving slowly) is the prize we pay for not having taken the right safety precautions – at sea and in software development.

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Per Rovegård

Per Rovegård

CTO & Consultant

Cecilia Justad

Cecilia Justad

Administration, Finance and Event

Jimmy Nilsson

Jimmy Nilsson

CEO and Consultant