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Join the team.

Is it you we are looking for?

We are always looking for the next consultant to join factor10.

But don't expect to find a long list of "open positions" on this page. We're looking for one role and one role only:

  • Our next factor10 consultant!

A consultant at factor10 is a truly business-oriented coding software architect with a relentless drive to deliver value, a passion for quality, an urge to learn new things, and the capability to collaborate toward the goal with customers and colleagues.

Could that be you?

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What we're offering

We are lucky that our consultants tend to stay with us for a long time. Why? Probably because:

  • We get to do what we love. Our customers value our skills, so we spend our time using them, solving problems, writing code and delivering value in business-critical projects.

  • We get to learn and evolve. Every project is unique, and our expertise and knowledge are always put to the test. Learning new things and more of what we know is not just "allowed". It's a crucial responsibility of each consultant.

  • We get to play with some of the best. There's nothing more humbling than going to work each day knowing we're part of a devoted team of outstanding professionals.

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Devoted to making impact

Our ambition is to contribute to making the world a radically better place through the power of outstanding software. We believe we can, and we see it happen all the time! Since we believe in our ability to solve complex problems, improving the world is a matter of solving the most critical ones. And we constantly search for the most important and impactful problems to solve. Right now, for example, we're on a quest to help customers reduce the carbon footprint of their business!

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A remote team of close colleagues

When the pandemic hit, like many others, we started working remotely. It worked out nicely! So we continued doing it, and since then we’re a remote-first company. Now, it plays even less difference than earlier from where our consultants chose to work. Currently, our consultants live and work in Blekinge, Skåne, Halland and Stockholm in Sweden. But we are open to recruiting from virtually anywhere. Of course, we make sure everyone has appropriately equipped home offices.

Working from different locations should not affect the team's spirit; we meet often! We probably meet each other more often than the consultants in many classic companies where the consultants work from the customers' office. In most assignments, at least two of us collaborate to improve learning and impact and to have more fun.

Since we try to keep our carbon footprint small, we don't travel to exotic places like we used to. But we have found that there are great ways to meet for creative, collaborative and fun events close to home. We do it often, and it is always appreciated.

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Are you our candidate?

We think you are already:

  • Highly proficient in several programming languages

  • Collaborative, pragmatic and quality-oriented

  • Focused on delivering value fast, often and a lot

We also think you want to keep learning and get to be:

  • Confident with our three cornerstones (Domain-Driven Design (DDD), Theory of Constraints (ToC) and Extreme Programming (XP))

  • Skilled and consistent in applying Test-Driven Development (TDD)

  • Extremely careful with your own and our customers' time

  • Business-oriented and want to understand the problem you are assigned to solve

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A small part of something bigger

factor10 is part of Prevas, one of Swedens' strongest and fastest-growing consultant companies. That means the best of two worlds for our consultants. Intimate collaboration with factor10 colleagues and access to the whole variety of skills, knowledge and customer opportunities of the Prevas ecosystem.

Your journey with us starts here

Interested? Our CEO Jimmy would love to hear from you. Drop him an email with a few lines about yourself and a fairly fresh resume or link to your LinkedIn profile.

Jimmy Nilsson

Jimmy Nilsson

CEO and Consultant