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Our services.

We create software, like so many others. It is why and how we do it that makes us different.

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We help software organizations deliver value

Many software product organizations struggle to get their product to the market faster without compromising quality.

We're there for you when:

  • Your software needs improvement to enable speed, adaptability and longevity.

  • You need to reinforce your ability to deliver better software faster to keep or acquire customers or talent.

  • You have a particularly important and difficult problem, including technical, business and process dimensions.

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We help industrial manufacturing companies leverage their business using software

Many industrial manufacturing companies want to fully embrace digitalization in terms of product features, business models and helping their customers maximize value for their businesses.

We're here for you when:

  • You want to use software to leverage the commercialization of your product and help your customers maximize value for their businesses.

  • You want to improve and simplify your digital sales funnels, shortening the distance from discovery to revenue.

Read more about our Sustainable Websites offering.

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We help scale-up companies transform to reach the next level

Is your organization in need of major change, either from a state of temporary struggles with decreased relevance or from being in start-up mode? We're here for you when:

  • You need to identify and solve the bottlenecks in your software that hinder you from fast and sustainable transformation.

  • You need to reinforce your ability to deliver better software faster to support fast and sustainable transformation.

Our approach: a small, fast-moving team, focused on value

If we could only use two short phrases to describe what we do, it would be these: solve bottlenecks and create leverage.

Finding and solving the current bottleneck in our customer's business or software is our way of saying that we always want to solve the most important problem at any given time.

We love it when the outcome of a solution is disproportional to the work we put in. Finding the best and simplest solution to the right problem can amplify the business impact by a factor of 10...

Our skills are at their best when we solve problems for our customers' core businesses, helping them maximize value for their customers.

Our Cornerstones

Staying true to a few important principles in our work provides three main benefits:

  1. Transparency between consultants

  2. Higher quality

  3. Greater impact on our customer's business

The principles? We call them our cornerstones, and they are:

  1. Forest beach

    Domain-Driven Design

    Domain-Driven Design (DDD) helps us quickly understand the business context and design software architecture from a value-maximizing perspective.

    Domain-Driven Design (DDD) - Workshops, presentations and advising
  2. Cross sign by the ocean

    Extreme Programming

    Extreme Programming (XP) and Test-Driven Development (TDD) help us develop sustainable and adaptive quality code quickly, deliver early and often, and keep feedback loops tight for the customer and stakeholders.

    Test-Driven Development (TDD) - Workshops, training and coaching

Our help comes in many forms

  1. Knowledge sharing

    Learning improves value delivery and makes work more fun. We're happy to help your software organization reinforce its ability to deliver better software faster. We can tailor workshops, training courses, and coaching to support the change your teams need.

    Read more about how we share our knowledge

Do you want to know more?

We would love to meet up and talk about how we could maximize value, minimize code, solve bottlenecks, and find leverage to the factor of 10 for your business. Please contact Jimmy today!

Jimmy Nilsson

Jimmy Nilsson

CEO & Consultant