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We are factor10.

Contributing to a radically better world, through the power of outstanding software, since 2007.

Who we are and what we want

We are consultants. Software consultants, actually. Business-oriented coding architects, when we describe ourselves.

Our ambition is to contribute to making the world a radically better place, and we are doing it through the power of outstanding software.

We know that we are succeeding when:

  • Customers choose us because they want to make more out of their business.

  • People in our business believe they can make more of an impact by working with us.

  • People develop their capability to make outstanding software by interacting with us.

What we do

If we could only use two short phrases to describe what we do, it would be these: solve bottlenecks and create leverage.

Finding and solving the current bottleneck in our customer's business or software is our way of saying we always want to solve the most important problem at any given time.

We love it when the outcome of a solution is disproportional to the work we put in. Finding the best and simplest solution to the right problem makes the business impact leverage to a factor of 10.

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Software is magic

Software is magic. A material consisting only of words, but which does things. So to have it do something else, just use other words. It’s really that easy; it is called software for a reason.

Despite this, rigid legacy software is often the main obstacle for an enterprise to stay competitive, and the overall bottleneck to growth.

Now imagine a situation where changes in software systems are easier, quicker and less costly than changing other aspects of your business.

Imagine a rapid adaptation to new and unforeseen needs and opportunities. And imagine that the software actually is as soft as it is meant to be.

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How we do it: three cornerstones

Staying true to a few important principles in our work provides three main benefits: transparency between consultants, higher quality, and greater impact on our customer's business.

The principles? We call them our cornerstones, and they are:

  • Theory of Constraints. A methodology for finding bottlenecks and evolving the value creation of a business. Developed by Eliyahu M. Goldratt.

  • Domain-Driven Design (DDD). An approach to software design based on the understanding of the domain explored in collaboration with domain experts. Initially explained by Eric Evans.

  • Extreme Programming (XP). Our chosen approach to truly agile delivery of software that is refreshingly void of complex management overhead ceremonies. Developed by Kent Beck.

We aim to maximize effect, to achieve the biggest impact with the least effort and possibly the least amount of code. We want to write code that performs well and solves the problem, but also is flexible enough to scale and adapt over time. One of the most important tools in our toolbox to achieve this is Test-Driven Development (TDD), developed by Kent Beck. By consistently letting the code test itself we can move faster, collaborate better and focus more on maximizing value and less on the fear of breaking something.

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Sustainability: being part of the solution, not the problem

We were not the first to take action, but when we got there, we acted strongly. As a consultant company (with no factories, engines, chemicals or raw materials), our climate footprint is comparatively small. But that is no excuse not to try our best to improve further. We have challenged ourselves to be the premium software consultancy with the lowest CO2e emission per consultant hour.

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Quick facts about factor10

Founded: 2007

Consultants: 10

CEO: Jimmy Nilsson

Owned by: Prevas AB and Jimmy Nilsson

Full company name: factor10 solutions AB 556720-5496



We have chosen to stay as a small company. Growing faster could entail a risk of diluting the integrity of our offering.



When the pandemic hit, like many others, we started working remotely. It worked out nicely! So we continued doing it, and since then, we’re a remote-first company. Now, it matters even less from which location our consultants choose to work.

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We are a Prevas company

In early 2022 factor10 was partially acquired by Prevas. As a company, factor10 operates autonomously, in close collaboration with top management at Prevas. Being a part of Prevas' decentralized ecosystem in the Nordics, gives us more opportunities to help customers make more out of their business.

Press release: Prevas grows and welcomes factor10
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