How we think

Software is magic. A material consisting only of words, but which does things. So to have it do something else, just use other words. It’s really that easy; it is called software for a reason.

Despite this, rigid legacy software is often the main obstacle for an enterprise to stay competitive, and the overall bottleneck to growth.

Now imagine a situation where changes of software systems are easier, quicker and less costly than changing other aspects of your business. Imagine a rapid adaptation to new and unforeseen needs and opportunities. And imagine that the software actually is as soft as it is meant to be.

factor10 has a unique track record of developing solutions with unusually long and prosperous lifetimes. With efficient project communication, mastery of the latest methods and tools along with a tradition of thinking outside the box, factor10 knows how to deliver durable business value from software projects.

factor10 helps you multiply the life cycle return on investment of your business critical systems. Because we know software.