If yes, congratulations! You are probably already practicing Continuous Delivery (CD), and science tells us there is a high chance that your business is very successful. If no, you should work to improve on – or implement – CD! It will improve your software delivery performance which, according to the research presented in Accelerate, will in turn significantly increase your business performance.

Either way, there’s always room for improvement! Which is why we think you should join us at Foo Cafè on 26 June, 17:30. During this evening we’ll be focusing on CD, some of its enabling practices, and how to know if you’re on the right track towards delivering better software faster.

At a glance, CD may look like just a bunch of technical practices, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. For example, a workflow triggering a build pipeline with test automation is great! But it’s no guarantee for excellent software delivery performance. We’ll share our experiences of what practices are essential. And we’ll focus on some of the most important indicators that will tell you if you’re doing these practices right or if there’s room for improvement.

Read more and reserve your spot at foocafe.org: An evening about delivering better software faster.