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Domain-Driven Design (DDD)

Workshops, presentations and advising.

Software that speaks your business's language

Software is only as valuable as the importance of the problem it solves. Domain-Driven Design (DDD) helps us solve the most important problem and ensure the software speaks your business's language. It makes it more effective, easy to understand, and flexible enough to evolve with your business needs.

DDD is an approach to software design based on the understanding of the domain, explored in collaboration with domain experts. It was initially explained by Eric Evans.

Why we love DDD

As one of our three cornerstones (alongside Theory of Constraints and Extreme programming), DDD has been at the core of factor10s methodology since the beginning. These are the three most important reasons why our relationship with DDD is as strong as ever:

  • Alignment with business Goals. By emphasizing the understanding and modeling of the business domain, the software becomes aligned with the real-world problems and goals of the business as well as the actual needs of the users and stakeholders.
  • Improved communication and collaboration. Communication becomes clearer by establishing a shared model and a common language that both technical and non-technical team members understand. This increases collaboration and aids productivity.
  • Adaptability and Flexibility. DDD helps manage the complexity of large software systems and encourages a flexible and adaptable approach to software design. Defined bounded contexts and well-defined domain models make evolving the software easier as business requirements change over time. The resulting codebase is more modular, making it simpler to maintain, enhance, and scale.

How we can help

Analysis and Advising

In close collaboration with your domain experts, we collect insights about your business domain and establish a domain model and a common language that both technical and non-technical stakeholders understand and can collaborate around. This is the perfect starting point for most business-orienting software initiatives, making strategic priorities and decision-making easier.

Architecture and System Design

A flexible and adaptive software architecture bridges a deep understanding of the business domain with a modular and flexible codebase with a long lifespan. In synergy, they enable the software to evolve as business requirements change over time. 

Workshops, Coaching, and Training

We know DDD and are happy to share our insights and experience. Our consultants have conducted a large number of workshops, trainings, and presentations over the years. One of us has even written a book on the topic. We're happy to help you improve your organization's capability to develop code that speaks your business's language.

Help your software speak your business's language today!

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Jimmy Nilsson

Jimmy Nilsson

CEO and Consultant