Per Rovegård

Per Rovegård

CTO & Consultant

Per's strengths include his passion for software development, a focus on simplicity, elegance, and pragmatism, as well as his expertise in software engineering and Test-Driven Development. Not only is he thoughtful, but he also uplifts those around him. As a good listener, he brings unique perspectives to any topic at hand. Per's interests span a wide range, such as space, math, reading, and practicing jiujitsu. He highly values collaboration and effective communication, emphasizing the importance of teamwork and avoiding a blame culture. Per joined factor10 in 2011, after working in the telecom industry. He holds a Ph.D. in software engineering and occasionally speaks at conferences. He began coding on the ZX Spectrum and remains committed to discovering simple solutions for complex problems.

Per Rovegård

Skills and interests

  • PhD in Software Engineering. His dissertation focused on requirements engineering, studied in an extensive collaboration between Blekinge Institute of Technology and the industry.

  • Worked in the telecommunications industry, focusing on the architecture and development of systems that handle categorization, tracking, and payment of traffic in mobile networks.

  • Have spoken about Domain-Driven Design and Test-Driven Development at conferences, both international and Swedish.

  • Represented Blekinge in the Swedish National Championship in Technology in 2001, together with two friends. Came second and won a trip to the United States with a visit to MIT Media Lab.

  • Active in open source projects mainly with projects related to video surveillance. Contributions focused on processing algorithms and performance optimizations.

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