Markus Eliasson

Markus Eliasson


Markus explains things simply and comprehensibly to less tech-savvy people. As a colleague, Markus is very caring and wants to see others succeed. People who work with Markus can expect a person who is always there to help. His quick-witted and funny comments always add laughter to the group. He also has a great passion for music. Markus has worked at factor10 since 2017 and appreciates the colleagues from whom he can constantly learn new things. Markus often focuses on user-friendly systems and has previously worked as a tech lead and architect.

Markus Eliasson

Skills and interests

  • Raised in C++ and did mobile development before it was a thing.

  • Published and is active in open-source projects.

  • Worked as a consultant all his life.

  • Master of Science in Software Engineering.

  • Fought well and hard but finally caved in and started collecting vinyl records.

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