Daniel Raniz Raneland

Daniel Raniz Raneland


Raniz is quick to adopt new technology. Everything from learning a new programming language to documentation of technicalities. He is prestigeless and likes to get into new domains. He loves to share knowledge and ideas, and interesting topics for conversation never end. Raniz helps maintain a high technical level, including Cloud and DevOps. Raniz has worked at factor10 since 2021, has previous experience as an architect at several companies, and is deeply skilled in Java. When he's not working, he's into beer brewing and triathlons.

Daniel Raniz Raneland

Skills and interests

  • Master of Science in Software Development from LTH, Faculty of Engineering.

  • In the top 4% on Stack Overflow.

  • Active triathlete.

  • Worked for Sony Mobile in Tokyo to improve in-house cloud capabilities.

  • Two-time speaker at JFokus and one-time speaker at Craft Conf and Devoxx.

  • Beer brewer and sourdough bread baker.

  • Master thesis: Performance- and Cost-efficient Cloud Architectures.

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