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We love to share our most valuable asset: our knowledge!

Learning makes us better and makes work more fun. What better way to do it than together, with each other, and with the valued software development community?

This page is where you find the current opportunities to take part in our knowledge and to share yours with us and the community.

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Presentations at events and conferences

Sometimes we get invited to share our knowledge at conferences and other events. The following presentations are scheduled at the moment:

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Thought Leader Collaboration

This is where we team up with esteemed peers in our network to offer workshops on topics and areas we believe can elevate the excellence of software development in one way or another.

Current opportunities:

Read more about the Thought Leader Collaboration
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factor10 open courses, webinars and events

Anyone may attend our open events. Some of them (like webinars) are free, while others (like training courses) come with a cost. Typically, pre-registration is required.

Currently scheduled open events, hosted by factor10:

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Knowledge, tailored for your business

We're happy to help your software organization reinforce its ability to deliver better software faster. We can tailor workshops, training courses, and coaching to support the change your teams need.

The most requested topics are:

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myConf - Maximizing value for a better future

myConf is a micro-conference, hosted by factor10, for people who – like us – are interested in sharing knowledge and creating exponential value through business and software development. .

It's been arranged three times. In 2024 it was held in Malmö and 2023 in Karlskrona. Curious about previous presentations? Watch the talks from myConf 2023.

Do you want to be reminded of when and where the next myConf will be? Drop us a line at and we’ll add you to our myConf mailing list.

Read more about myConf

What do you want to learn?

We would love to meet and talk about how we could help you increase your ability to deliver better value for your business. Please contact Jimmy today!

Jimmy Nilsson

Jimmy Nilsson

CEO & Consultant