As a tech lead or senior developer, you’re expected to mentor and train more junior team members – coaching is already part of your job. This course will help you to get started with learning hours. These are not vacuous “icebreaker”-style fun and games, the focus is on real hard technical skills, especially around TDD, refactoring, handling legacy code and better OO design.

Real technical coaching is about leading team activities that strengthen your collaboration and ability to discuss code and make better design decisions.

– Emily Bache

This course is part of our Thought Leader Collaboration initiative.

Course topics

  • Technical coaching, what it is, and how you could benefit from it without going full-time.
  • More engaging and useful coaching with Training from the Back of the Room.
  • Using learning goals to make training more relevant.
  • How programmers acquire coding skills like Refactoring.
  • Adapting materials and activities for the different levels of experience in your team.
  • Much of the time will be spent discussing concrete approaches, training materials, and coding exercises. You will come away with the knowledge and materials you need to get started with learning hour activities with your team.

The focus is on skills, collaboration, and well-structured training, so the exact details of the programming languages we use will not be the focus. We will have exercises in straightforward Java or C# and will provide a suitable online environment so you only need to use a modern browser to take part.

About Emily

Emily Bache is an independent consultant, YouTuber, and Technical Coach. She works with developers, training, and coaching effective agile practices like Refactoring and Test-Driven Development. Emily has worked with software development for 25 years, written two books, and teaches courses on platforms including Pluralsight and O'Reilly. A frequent conference speaker, Emily has been invited to keynote at prestigious developer events including EuroPython, Craft, and ACCU. Emily founded the Samman Technical Coaching Society to promote technical excellence and support coaches everywhere.

Time and duration

This training will take place on two occasions during the fall. Both consist of two half-day sessions of online training.

September 18-19, 2024

  • Session 1: September 18 @ 14:00-17:00

  • Session 2: September 19 @ 14:00-17:00


November 12-13, 2024

  • Session 1: November 12 @ 14:00-17:00
  • Session 2: November 13 @ 14:00-17:00

Target audience

This session is designed for team leads and senior developers who take an active part in developing software, and also have an interest in mentoring and coaching the people around them. No previous experience of coaching is needed, but if you are already a technical coach you should find plenty of new ideas and inspiration in this training.




8,000 SEK excl. VAT, for two half-day sessions.

Reserve your spot today!

To reserve your spot, please email, and we will take it from there. Include which occasion you wish to attend. The same email address is also great for any questions about the training.