So, Raniz, what's your thoughts about going to RustLab?

I'm really looking forward to this! To seeing Florence again and to visit RustLab for the first time. It will not be my first TDD workshop, and that's the best part. Getting another chance to help people write better and more sustainable code!

And about the workshop, what will you be doing together with the participants?

It's a hands-on workshop! There's a brief introduction to TDD and why I think it's nice. But the main point is that the participants will get to try TDD (Test-Driven Development) out for themselves, using some real-life examples. They'll get to experience how TDD makes developing great code simpler and how it provides a safety net for making big changes to their code.

Want to experience the workshop? Get your tickets for Rustlab today!

Don't want to wait for RustLab in November, and want a workshop nearer to where you are? You can! Raniz and factor10 are happy to provide TDD workshops, training and coaching.