myConf offers eight world-class speakers in a small setting where you have the opportunity to meet and talk to them over lunches, coffee breaks, and dinner. The speakers will be announced in the coming weeks, check out from time to time or follow factor10 on LinkedIn to keep yourself updated about the exciting lineup.

While myConf is open to anyone, we created this conference for people who – like us – are interested in creating exponential value through business and software development. 

There are plenty of great software development conferences about the latest and most advanced technical stuff. myConf, on the other hand, focuses on how the software industry can lead the way to systemic change by showing us new ways of creating exponential value. This will be the third time we arrange myConf in the hope of creating ripples in the water for the greater good.

–Jimmy Nilsson, CEO

We deliberately keep the number of attendees quite low, so make sure to get your ticket before it sells out! 

When: 20-21 May 2024
Where: HighCourt in Malmö, Sweden
Price: 4 000 SEK excluding VAT. Included in the price are two sit-down lunches, a nice dinner, two coffee breaks with "Swedish fika", and of course the conference itself.
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