Now Martin Hellspong has been with us at factor10 for 10 years, congratulations to us!

Are there any lessons or insights after 20+ years as a consultant, 10 of which at factor10?


"If you only focus on one lesson, it is that a newly started project must deliver value as quickly as possible. And it is easy to mistake that you are creating value when the entire project machinery is spinning with standups, code reviews and features being completed.

But that's not really the important thing. It is not until some user gets something in their hands that simplifies their everyday life, that there is even potential for value creation for the customer.

An MVP (Minimum Viable Product) that is produced, with the aim of delivering a subset earlier, is almost always far too large and could be delivered even earlier if only you dared to cut even more into it.

I've been involved in several projects whose MVP was too big, something that was cancelled before the MVP was even finished because the project didn't deliver the desired value(!), but never one whose MVP was too small."

Do you have experience with something similar?

We are grateful for these years with Martin and look forward to many more years (and lessons learned)!