Last Thursday we got some dietary advice on activities by Johan Strid (CEO Prevas AB) during our visit in Malmö. A session with lots of learning, so we thought it might be fun to share some of them.

Let’s start with the settings. Imagine viewing business activities as macronutrients. You have the long term activities that won't have immediate effect as proteins, building blocks of the body. Secondly you have the short term activities with immediate effect as carbohydrates, the body’s fuel.

Focusing on protein activities means muscle growth for the future, creating leverage to do more things later on. Carbohydrate activities burn up rather quickly and the value of those activities is lost when they end.

As for the workshop we discussed which activities we thought were important for the long term. And we believe this could be applied to many aspects when considering growth, whether personal or business. Protein activities were the clear winner in creating long-term prosperity.

In summary, do more protein activities!