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Breakfast-webinar: Fusion power - closer than you think

On March 30, 08:30-09:00 CET, Peter Roos, CEO of Novatron, shared his industry-insider thoughts on fusion energy. You can find the recorded version here.

Update: View the recorded version here

The world is in need of more energy production, but without emitting more CO2. An old dream for decades for many of us has been fusion energy. The possibility of endless amounts of energy, from ordinary raw materials and with no emissions. What’s the state of art and what are the recent thoughts on when it will hit the streets?

Peter Roos - a fusion between Prevas InfoVis and Novatron Fusion Group - works in this exciting field and knows a lot from the inside. We are happy that he will share his inside-thoughts with us in a breakfast webinar. The topics he will cover are:

  • Why fusion is important for humanity
  • The progress of realizing fusion power
  • Novatron – a unique, Swedish fusion concept

Join us at this breakfast webinar on March 30 from 8:30-9:00 CET. Register with an email to

Is this for me?” The target group is anyone who wants to orientate themselves in a mind blowing subject.