In a complex and unpredictable world, the path to success is never a linear path to a clearly defined goal. Yet, surprisingly, many of us persist in seeing progress that way.

So it's okay, I think, to tackle one issue at a time. But eventually, when you walk down the path of one issue, you will hit an intersection that will yank you and make you look in another direction. So to be successful, it is insufficient to solve for one issue.

Success is impact that endures – lasting beyond the effort you spend to get things done. Whether you reach that success depends on the context, perhaps more than the actions themselves. And the thing about contexts is that they change constantly, not the least as a result of our actions, including the success we make.

I realised I fell in love with the endeavour. I play along. I genuinely play along. I burn that candle and keep it burning for as long as possible because I'm not sure what the next thing I need to do is in order to make the impact that I'm looking for.

Watch the video: Maximizing your context – Aslam Khan at myConf 2023

Maximizing your context – Aslam Khan at myConf 2023

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