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Our customers.

Talk is cheap. It's the work we do that defines us.

We help a broad range of customers. Small or big, local or global, from any sector or industry. What they have in common is that they want to make more out of their business and share our ambition to make the world a radically better place through the power of software.

factor10 brought fresh ideas about architecture and methodology that meant an invaluable boost for the team and our services.

Anders Johansson
Anders JohanssonCTO

The consultants are very good at getting to grips with a new area, so we can start having advanced dialogues on solutions to problems. The level of delivery is high in both development and investigational work.

Stefan Olsson
Stefan OlssonCTO

Meet some of the companies we are working with now or have worked with recently.

What I appreciate most about the consultants from factor10 is their ability to move seamlessly between the strategic level and the details. It helps us prioritize the solutions that give us the most value, both now and in the future.

Henrik Lundin
Henrik LundinProduct Manager & Lead Product Owner

They don't do what I say but solve what I mean. I Like that! Everything we do together is in the spirit of business value. Since they're so consistent with applying test-driven development, we always get quality. And they provide it with an unusual combination of speed and correctness.

Mats Åhman
Mats ÅhmanHead of Digital Solutions