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Sebastian Porling

Sebastian Porling


Sebastian has the ability to familiarize himself with complex environments, systems, and frameworks, but also new ways of working. This, combined with a high level of ambition, means that Sebastian quickly becomes productive with new technology or in a new team. He is also a resourceful and energetic colleague whom you would love to have as a teammate. Sebastian has worked at factor10 since 2021 and adds valuable knowledge in modern web development and UI/UX, both in breadth and depth. He has a hacker/maker mentality that makes things happen.

Skills and interests

  • Former president of The chapter of Information and Nanotechnology, part of THS, the Student Union at KTH, Royal Institute of Technology.

  • Experis Academy, three months long intensive course in modern fullstack developmen.

  • Coffee Enthusiast! Experiments with different brewing methods and sampling coffees from all over the world.

  • Loves board games and role playing. Has been playing Dungeons and Dragons every month since 2015.

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